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The Club was founded by John Fay MBE, Tony Hambleton and Phil Peters in 2008. It takes its name from the formation date of the Royal Air Force. The RAF was founded on the 1st April 1918 by Lord Trenchard, the Father of the Royal Air Force. To date, there are 72 members, of which 20% are serving RAF Officers. The remaining 80% are leaders in business and passionate supporters of the RAF.

The club meets up across the year in small groups at RAF Stations and all together as a Club twice a year at formal social events. One of which is our Annual Dinner held for senior RAF personnel at a prominent RAF location in London.

Since 2014 we have also organised an annual trip. In 2015, we went to the Falkland Islands and in 2016 we went to the Normandy Battle Fields. In 2017 we will be visiting RAF Lossiemouth and the surrounding area.

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